Kigali Rwanda


Transforming health through digitalization

Let's get rid of the elephant in the room
⦿     Search nearest healthcare institution (eg. test centers)
    via geo-tagging technology.
⦿     Data confidentiality: 8 classes of login access
⦿     Electronic billing & payment
⦿     Finance, accounting & HR management.
⦿     Operations control such as allocating free hospital beds.
⦿     Dynamic language (English, French, Spanish & Portuguese)

About E-vuze

E-vuze is state of the art electronic healthcare service management system which is available via web, mobile application & USSD. The platform is funtional both online & offline. E-vuze can be accessed from any basic phone via the USSD code *996# in Rwanda.

Through E-vuze, authorized entities can collect data from diverse points such as individual phones or any healthcare institution (e.g. testing terminals at border controls).
E-vuze can easily be configured to integrate with local data servers available in the national jurisdictions.

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